TV: Terra Nova

In late September a new TV show appeared on FOX. A show with dinosaurs! Yes, it is a bit like Jurassic Park—in many ways. I have seen it described as a cross between Jurassic Park and Lost. That may be true for the first episode or two, but after seven? … I’m not so sure.

The series is set 85 million years in the past, which will put it in the late Cretaceous. A lot of colonists have made the trip back through a rift in space-time. They’re all fleeing a dieing civilization on earth around the mid 22nd century in search of a new future. The colony is named Terra Nova, a small fenced-in village governed by a group of military personnel. One does have to look out for the wildlife, that much we learned from Jurassic Park. Though we get Allosaurs and Slashers instead of T-Rex and Raptors. Different species, same sharp teeth.

Back into this curious past we follow a family of five. In the doomed future they committed the crime of having a third child despite the limit of two. Jim Shannon, the father, managed to escape his imprisonment and fled with his family through the portal. Our handsome hero was a cop in his old life back in the future, and now picks up the job of Sherlocking about in the past solving mysteries that inevitably pops up.

But not all is well in our Cretaceously situated village. A while back a faction split out from the colony, the “sixers”, dubbed so because they came with the sixth transport of colonists arriving. We get the impression these are lawless folks, but we soon learn that there are other forces behind—looking down the wormhole from the future. But who are really the bad guys, that’s not entirely clear?

In between all this, we also get to know the Shannons as a family—with their teenage daughter and son, and their little girl. Elizabeth Shannon, the mother, a highly skilled doctor, works at the local medical facility, and the children get about falling in love and doing the usual teenage stuff—like getting into trouble.

All in all the series has a few layers. Nothing really deep and mystical—yet—and so far the only really intriguing character, in my opinion, is the sixer-leader, a fiery woman by the name Mira. But they have dinosaurs … so I’m happy.

The show airs on Mondays, and I just picked up the last episode, the 7th, downstream—and look forward to watch it later. Think this is a show that needs to go into my TV-show box collection on the shelf.

… and what is a TV show review without the trailer? Here you go:

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