Evangelicals Hunting “Witches” in Africa

Nigerian skeptic Leo Igwe has written a post about the ongoing witch hunts in Africa over at randi.org titled “Evangelical Churches and the Epidemic of Witchcraft Accusations”. He writes:

Witchcraft accusation of children (and also of elderly people) is ravaging the African continent like an epidemic. And Pentecostal pastors and ubiquitous men and women of God are the main culprits. They are spreading the disease of witch hunts and also exploiting the situation to their own advantage. These self-proclaimed emissaries of God and mouthpieces of the holy spirit are the continent’s contemporary witch doctors. They exploit poor, ignorant, and gullible folks by getting them to believe that their problems are caused by witches and wizards in their families.

The video below shows an example of what’s going on. This turns out to be about money. Not surprising. It is often what it is about with evangelicals. Also, the Catholics are involved. Again, not surprising. Follow the link to the post on randi.org, Igwe will post further updates about this problem.

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