The Child Who Simply Knew

An article at The Boston Globe caught my attention today. It is titled “Led by the child who simply knew” and is about a child, one of two identical-twin boys, who knew she was a girl from very early age. It is also a story about some amazing parents who do what they can for their child. Not by sticking to the dogma of the gender binary, but by accepting their child as she is. They have had to fight against the school and religious fundamentalists and other bullies.

But they got help. Help from someone who knew how to deal with transgender kids. Spack, the man handling the case says about transgender people:

“We’re talking about a population that has the highest rate of suicide attempts in the world, and it’s strongly linked to nontreatment, especially if they are rejected within their family for being who they think they are,“ says Spack, who adds that nearly a quarter of his patients admitted to “serious self-harm“ before coming to him.

Transgender kids need to be treated and accepted as who they are. It is also immensely helpful if they can start treatment before puberty by the help of hormone blockers so that they can delay making a decision until they’re old enough to figure out for themselves who they are.

The effects of the blockers […] are reversible; patients can stop taking them and go through puberty as their biological sex. This is critical, Spack says, because a “very significant number of children who exhibit cross-gender behavior” before puberty “do not end up being transgender.”

But when it is the right course of action and full reassignment treatment is started:

“In my experience, the patients just blossom physically and mentally when they get the hormones of the gender they affirm,” Spack says. “It’s quite amazing. […]”

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Thanks to @emilylhauser for the link to this story.

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