Why Saudi Women Shouldn’t Drive

 According to some kooks from the Saudi highest religious council and a former university professor, letting women drive will lead to an increase in prostitution, pornography, homosexuality and divorce. No less! What does that mean? It also means that Saudi Arabia will run out of virgins very fast. Now that’s what I call a serious problem for society. How do the rest of us cope? We’ve all seen those women driving around doing all those things right?

It is nothing new that religious fundamentalists will fabricate quite elaborate reasons for why society should behave according to, or believe in, their fundamentalist ways. Some Christians do that too. All the time. You know, trying to sort out those evil, immoral, child-sacrificing atheists and their science!

Also, those alluring eyes some women have—they’re very tempting you see—to weak-ass Saudi men. Solution? Cover up the eyes of women with pretty eyes. It really is that simple. Why haven’t we thought of that here in the West? Or as Julia Bray, a commenter on one of the articles covering this issue puts it:

If all these obviously weak minded Saudi blokes walked around with bags on their heads, then they would not be tempted and their women would not have to cover up.

Yeah, there’s your solution. Take some responsibility guys! Get some paper bags!

Seriously, it’s soon 2012. Time to enter the 21st century isn’t it? Women in Saudi Arabia struggle with many issues. It is not just about driving cars, they do get sentenced to public flogged for such serious crimes. Back in 2002 a number of female students were not allowed to leave a burning building because they weren’t properly covered up to be seen in public. 15 died.

What can we do to help other than despair on their behalf? One way is to support Amnesty and their work for human rights around the world.


From Twitter @OpheliaBenson
Image from the Daily Mail article

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  1. I think you mean “kooks” rather than “cooks.” I’m just imagining the Saudi ruling cabal gathering around a bunch of stoves with a guy in the center saying “Whose cuisine will reign supreme?”

    It’s an endearing typo, in any event. ;)

  2. Veronica says:

    Haha, yeah, you’re quite right. I’m sure these people can’t cook at all :)

    Never trust the spell checker!

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