Worth Reading – Part I

First, two excellent posts by Laurie Penny:

Also, there has been a bit of a shitstorm over a picture posted on reddit with a 15 year old girl who got a book by Carl Sagan for Christmas. Rebecca Watson wrote about it:

Others have commented on this too

Here’s a comment from one of the atheist guys about Rebecca’s post:

David Futrelle has also posted about reddit over on ManBoobz:

Finally, a poem about a female blogger getting harassed:


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  1. I was trying to log onto Skepchick right when Rebecca’s post hit, and I guess they had to shut down their servers for a bit, because I got their umbrella graphic. My first response was: “Rebecca must have poked the bee’s nest again, I can’t wait to see it.” I want to punch men these days.

    I was reading Greta’s post earlier today. As usual, she hits it out of the park. It prompted a hard facepalm once I made the mistake of scanning into the comments, though, where, like clockwork, “yes, but…” appeared.

    Thanks for pointing me at panda-gate. My forehead can use the workout. ;)

  2. Veronica says:

    Yeah, Rebecca posted something on Twitter about an overload. But it seems this particular bee’s nest needs poking.

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