Livvy James on Transgender Discrimination

Here are two good clips from BBC Breakfast talking about how transphobic language is used in the media. We get to hear 10 year old transgender child Livvy James and her mother talking about Livvy’s experience being transgender in school and their petition against transgender discrimination. Also in the studio is Paris Lees from Trans Media Watch and a writer for Diva Magazine who talks about her own experience being a trans woman.

Source: Diva Magazine

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  1. I to have been a victim of Discrimination as a Disabled Veteran and Transgender Government employee at BAE Systems in Nashua New Hampshire.
    This from a company who has an ethics policy about non discrimination on Gender Identity and Sexual Preferences, but has recent multiple cases against Gender, Disability, and there did not seem to be any problems with my performance prior to them learning of my transgender status. They often made comment about a transgender African American female that worked there and how disgusted they were to have her in the same building. There was no issues other than I documented any issues found as a Government auditor of their contract. The problems started after they knew of my status.
    After inquiring about the allegations by BAE in August their response was provided to me the reference to me leaving was after they bared me from their facility their response on 2/22/2012 is as follows;
    >> Dear Tamara,
    Several of the individuals who were involved in this case are no longer with BAE, and many organizational changes have occurred since you left, so retrieving everything I needed took far longer than anticipated. I have since conducted several interviews and reviewed the available material.
    What I see in the record is a complicated situation in which several BAE employees alleged that specific behavior – not your status, but statements and actions in the workplace unrelated to your job – made them feel harassed. The investigation conducted by HR was thorough, included several different sources of information, and seems to have followed an established process.

    >> John W. Truslow, III
    >> Director, Ethics and Business Conduct
    >> BAE Systems, Inc., Electronic Systems

    If they cannot do it one way they will always try another.

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