Worth Reading – Part IV

So, time for more highlights from my RSS reader!


Kate Moennig who played Shane in the TV series The L Word, is back on the screen in a new TV show on Showtime. Yay! She was awesome in The L Word.


My friend Natalie, with her new and shiny blog at FTB, has now posted all parts of her four part coming out story.


That fundamentalist, bigoted and anti-science crackpot US senator Rick Santorum has had his portrait made from gay porn. How appropriate for a homophobe like him!

No surprise that this guy, a well known creationist loon, supports Santorum:

Diva Magazine also has a post with a video about shit homophobes say. Featuring, not surprisingly, more bigoted US politicians. (Sorry US, you do have a lot of outspoken idiots.)

More from the US: a post from a blog I occasionally write for about how religious zealots, with a strange view of what “freedom of religion” is, attempts to impose their dogma on other people. You know, the good old freedom of other people to live their lives like Iwant them to …

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