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Thought I’d write a quick post to say hi. I am very busy with my master’s thesis these days, as well as other projects, and have little time to read or write blog posts. I have a few ideas and started blog posts about a number of topics though. I will try to finish some over the next week. It’s Easter and all, and I have some time off. I also have a book I’m writing myself, and want to work a bit on that one too.

Today I went for a walk, bought a cup of mocha coffee (my favourite), and found a bench where I sat and read a little feminist theory on my Kindle — until it got too cold and I went home. You know, there was some sense in the old Sunday school tradition that I was forced to attend as a kid. Not much sense in fancy stories about men eaten by giant fish, or small guys hiding in trees, but the idea to have a day a week where you set aside some time to learn something new. At the moment I have little time to read too. At least reading things that are not relevant to my studies. So I only find time for that when I’m travelling. Which is relatively often, and usually by train, so I have plenty of time in infrequent bursts.

This is not enough though, so I’m trying a new routine. Go for a coffee on Sunday afternoon, and bring reading material. Last weekend I finished Julia Serano’s “Whipping Girl”, today I started Judith Butler’s “Gender Trouble”. I probably should write a review of the former, we’ll see. I really enjoyed the book at least.

It really has been lovely the last weeks here. It has been pretty warm for March, and trees are actually starting to get green. Which is way too early. I’m not complaining though. I love the spring and need to get out and take some photos again soon.

Anyway, that’t it for today. Back to work :)

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  1. I don’t envy you for reading Gender Trouble. I thought that book was a slog. Dryly academic to the point of obscurantist. Good luck.

    1. Veronica says:

      Oh, I am used to dryly academic :)

      I also have a number of Discworld novels on my reading list to lighten the mood!

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