Worth Reading – Part V


Yeah, US politics again. NewScientist did this interesting little article about the Republicans and their continuous anti-science attitude.


In March, Ms. blog ran a series of posts by Aviva Dove-Viebahn titled “Future of Feminism”. There are many good pieces among them. For the full list see:

Awesome feminist mommy blogger bluemilk had an interesting short post the other day about toys. A topic I have written about before.

And for fun, I’ll add this link I found on the Jezebel post bluemilk linked to, it’s a little script where you can swap audio and video of gendered toy commercials.

Libby Anne, author of the blog Love, Joy, Feminism, posted an interesting four-piece series about boy scouts and girl scouts and the Christian Right’s war on cookies, or whatever it is they’ve got their god-organ in a twist over this time. Girl scouts is also a topic I have covered earlier.

Trangender issues

Another good post, among many, from Natalie Reed dealing with all the issues transgender people face in every day life.

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