Backstage Azerbaijan

Now that this year’s Eurovision Song Contest is over with its weird music and political voting (grats to Sweden by the way) it is time to bring the attention back to the situation in Azerbaijan.

PinkNews has a feature article today titled “The truth about gay life in Azerbaijan outside of the Eurovision Song Contest”.

Azeris who try to come out or are outed can face rejection by their family and even violence: ‘My brother has vowed to kill me, and then kill himself,’ Azeri gay artist ‘Badalov’ told the BBC.

The article discusses more than just gay life, it talks about LGBT and human rights in general and about lack of freedom of speech and the substantial political corruption going on.

An investigation  by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty revealed that the presidential family personally profit from this massive construction project. Human Rights Watch last week slammed Azerbaijan for what it described as the forced evictions of hundreds of Baku residents.

Go read the full article!

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