Book: Two Feet Off the Ground

Two Feet Off the Ground by Suzie Carr is a LGBT romance novel. The main character, Lauren Woods, a hairstylist and a single mother, falls head over heels in love with Paula McKenna, the sexy and adventurous soccer coach of Laura’s son Owen. But Lauren has a secret fear that has prevented her from enjoying life to its fullest. Now that she may have found the love of her life, fear is again rearing its ugly head and seriously jeopardising her dreams of a happily-ever-after with Paula.

The book is first and foremost a passionate love story, but it is also a story about a woman struggling to overcome a great and irrational fear in her life. Suzie Carr tells Lauren’s story from a first person perspective, a bold move as it requires you, at least in part, to identify and empathise in order to make a connection with her. Fortunately, it is easy to fall in love with Lauren.

Lauren is delightfully girly. I’ll admit it didn’t make me fall less in love with her that we seem to share the same taste in shoes, a topic that is brought up briefly several times to my great joy. More than that, Lauren just feels very real. She is smart, reflected and not easily bullshitted. She knows there are no magical fixes in life. Nothing lasts forever. She decides to enjoy what is here and now when her fears are looming around the corner; threatening to quench the fire in her heart.

Two Feet Off the Ground is, as mentioned, more than anything a beautifully written love story. Love that can overcome the most numbing of fears. The love story builds up slowly, and the private encounters between Lauren and Paula are described with poetic beauty without ever becoming cliché or tacky. The steaming passion is bound to leave you a little wet. The book should’ve been sold with a complimentary pad ;)

If you enjoy romantic novels, you may find it hard to lay this one aside. I read it in three sittings only interrupted by silly things like my train arriving at its destination and other things out of my control. I will definitely have to get my hands on more of Suzie Carr’s books!

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