That’s What I Call an Apology

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Far too often some celebrity or prominent person that I like say something stupid or insensitive or hateful. Far too often that person will be either too proud or too ignorant to acknowledge what they said or did was wrong. Far too often they will dig themselves further into the mess by getting defensive and hostile.

Recently actor Jason Alexander, that we know and love from the TV-show Seinfeld, said something hurtful to many gay people. The comment came across as anti-feminine, and doesn’t only hurt femme gay men. First he didn’t understand what the problem was and got a bit defensive. Then he thought about it, talked about it, and realised why it was hurtful. Then he apologised and explained why he didn’t get it and why he now does.

Everyone could learn a thing or two from him. Well, aside from saying hurtful things in the first place …

The story and the apology can be found here:

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