The Pay Gap is Not History … Yet

It’s the year 2012, and women are still treated as second rate employees. The US statistics on the pay gap is out. A woman earns, on average, 77% of what a man earns. If she happens to be African-American, she only earns 61%, Latina women are even worse off: 53%. We’ve been given the impression that the pay gap is more or less history. This is clearly not true.

In an excellent blog I recently started following titled Fem2.0, a post revealing these stats and discussing the topic appeared: Paycheck Fairness and the Boy Crisis: How Misguided Entitlement Hurts Everyone.

Of course, some people like to turn the world upside down and for instance blame feminists. The “man-cession” was a phrase thrown around a lot last year. According to this article, twice as many men lost their jobs during the recession as women. Mainly because the industries hardest hit were male dominated. However some saw the opportunity to flip this around and claim women have it easier, resulting in, among other things, a sexist and transphobic TV series called Work It, which luckily got canned.

But I digress … back to the Fem2.0 article. Apparently girls do better in school than boys, this translate into the “boy crisis” mentioned in that title. That is certainly something that needs to be looked into, but even with more education, women earn less:

Women with bachelors degrees earn what men with high school degrees and a bit of college (but no degree) do, women with graduate degrees earn what men with college degrees do.

The article continue by looking into this “boy crisis” and what may be some of the reasons behind it, and how it connects to privilege and the pay gap.

Go and read it!

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