Worth Reading – Part VI


A sexist airline passenger is kicked of the plane.

Imagine you’re a certified commercial pilot, and you’re among the 6.6 percent of them who happen to be women. You’ve passed all the same training as your male colleagues and proven that you can fly a plane just as well. One day, as you prepare for takeoff, you hear a male passenger say that he refuses to be flown by a woman. Do you just ignore him? Do you turn around and give a reasoned explanation of why your gender plays no role in your ability to fly a plane? Or do you kick him off the flight?

When clueless people comment on feminist blogs and think they’re being smart:

Women fighting in the war against women:

Why ask women about women’s issues? That makes no sense …

Women in Skepticism

The shit has hit the fan again in the skeptic community …

DJ Grothe fail to grasp why so few women signed up to this year’s Amazing Meeting in Las Vegas (from 40% to 18% as far as I can gather). I am a little baffled by his cluelessness, Here’s a couple of attempts to explain it to him:

Trans News

A trans woman has won a historic seat in local elections in Thailand!

Julia Serano wrote an interesting blog post about high profile people coming out as trans.

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