When Internet Bullying Gets Serious

Awesome video blogger Laci Green has gotten some pretty horrible harassment and direct threats of violence coming her way for making informative and sex positive videos on YouTube. You can read about it on her tumblr, I don’t feel like reposting those screenshots here. I can only hope she has taken them to the police.

She writes:

hey peeps,
i am going to be taking a break from tumblr.  i’m not sure how long. i have been getting a slew of people (who i can only guess are from “social justice” tumblr) telling me to kill myself, making violent threats, sending me my home address they somehow found.  my inbox this morning was graced with pictures of my apartment building.
i honestly have no words.
love you all.

I mean, vile trolls are common on the internet, and especially women get a lot of additional treats – often of rape. They are serious enough, but when people start stalking you and making direct threats of violence, these people need a talk with the men and women in black and white cars, perhaps even a word with the people in white coats too.

After the recent massive harassment campaign against Anita Sarkeesian over at Feminist Frequency for her ”Women in Video Games”-project, I am no longer surprised how far some people go, but that does in no way mean this is anything remotely near acceptable behaviour.

I understand these Neanderthals struggle to use their words and instead sort to bullying. But seriously, does disagreeing with someone really justify such behaviour in their mind? We’re trying to have a society here for fucks sake …

Here’s Laci’s latest video. Very informative! I mean, seriously, how can anyone hate her?

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