Worth Reading – Part VII

Violence Against Women

Dana Bolger, a feminist and student activist is a college rape surviver and tells her story, reposted here:

In Sweden it apparently isn’t rape if the victim doesn’t have a vagina.


Ms. Magazine is doing a four-part series on sexual objectification.

The phrase “sexual objectification” has been around since the 1970s, but the phenomenon is more rampant than ever in popular culture–and we now know that it causes real harm.

The first two posts are up:

A little warning though, many of the images and examples there are awful.


Here in Norway there has been a lot of media coverage after a MLM network selling so-called healthy chocolate tried to silence a blogger writing a critical review of their product. They first threatened to sue the blogger for “millions of dollars”, and then some of their members posted directions to his house implying someone should go teach him a lesson. Another blogger reposted these after the original blogger removed his posts to protect his family. They have now also been translated into English.


Many people have a thing or two to say about the new movie Brave.

Here’s a few (may contain spoilers):

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