Worth Reading – Part VIII

It has been a while since my last post so I thought I’d do a new “Worth reading” from my RSS feed. This last week has been the semester start week at my university and I have been busy working in the student pub at our mathematics and science faculty and also helping a friend move. Anything but being online.

Anyway. Here are a few highlights …


The skepticism/atheism movement is still in a bit of a turmoil while dealing with all the misogynistic bullshit that has surfaced there over the last year or so. Jen McCreight wrote this excellent post yesterday.

Feminism & Women’s issues

This is a very interesting piece in the abortion debate.

This one is both about sexism and women in science. A transgender academic offers an interesting insight into how attitudes change towards the same person purely based on what gender that person is perceived as.

Link via bluemilk

Here’s yet another facepalm moment provided to you by the right wing nut-jobs in the US.

In Russia, state bigotry has reached a new level with the conviction of the feminist punk band Pussy Riot. Russia under Putin is being described as a “regressive, oppressive kleptocracy”. Sounds about right.

Fun & Nerdy

I just had to add this one from one of my online friends. Decorating bracelets and shoes with comics, and nerdy earrings! Double win!

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