Pat Robertson, Professional Sexist

So, what does an old, white, homophobic, misogynistic, conservative asshole look like? Well, take a look at this guy. This goof is called Pat Robertson. He’s a televangelist. Which means he scams people for a living. You may have heard of him before? He’s that type of person who thinks same sex marriage is somehow going to destroy heterosexual marriages. He also thinks that his god is going to destroy our civilisation over this. Yeah. I hope you live long enough to see that nothing will happen.

This time, however, he’s been trying to give a man some advice. You see, this man, called Michael, is married to an uppity woman. We don’t really know what their conflict is about, but the problem, as he presents it, is that she won’t submit to his authority. Michael, 2000 BCE called, they want their marriage counsellor back!

As misguided as Michael is, Pat is even worse. These uppity women, he thinks they’re children trapped in an adult’s body and wishes they could go back to good old beatings. Yes, seriously. He said that. Just listen to his drivel really. I read some quotes and immediately thought: They’re exaggerating, no one can say such stuff on TV? In Public? I was wrong. He was even worse.

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