Worth Reading – Part IX

I’m going to try making these on a monthly basis. So here’s the September highlights from my RSS feeds and Twitter.

Secularism and Sexism

Jen McCreight who took a stand against the harassment that’s going on in the secularism movement has gotten so much hateful feedback for her initiative that she no longer have the emotional energy to continue blogging and is taking a break. The people who claim the harassment is a non-issue are clearly wrong. Don’t worry Jen, you deserve some time off.

Rebecca Watson is still hanging in there though. PZ Myers is also paying attention to the situation.


Yessenia at Queereka wrote a good article about women and self defence.

Now, as a general rule, I’m suspicious when I see phrases like “women’s self defense.” Because isn’t that just called ‘self-defense?’ What makes women’s self defense different? Well, as we’re all generally aware, the implicit rest of the phrase is “women’s self defense against rapists.”

Blue milk had an interesting post about the tomboy character from the children’s books Fabulous Five. I read those books many times as a kid. I loved them!

The above post from Queereka shows a pink mace gun. Here’s another blog post about why women “need” stuff to be pink.

A friend of mine, Rebecca, wrote an excellent post about boob shame.

  • Boob Talk – Rebecca’s Dystopia (Sept. 21st)

Sean Carrol wrote a very revealing article about gender bias in science. Ms. Magazine also commented on this.

While in other academic news, in Iran female students are apparently taking up too much space that should be reserved for male students.

While the MRAs are as always exploring new ways to victim blame.

In The New York Times, Stephanie Cootz does a great job at debunking the myth the MRAs love that our society is turning into a matriarchy where they are the oppressed sex. Yeah, when they’re not blaming the victims for being victims, they’re making themsleves into victims.


An interesting post about what’s known as the “cotton ceiling”.

In the UK entitled Christians think there are too few gay people to bother giving them equal rights. The absurd idea that giving other people the same rights as you have somehow discriminate against your rights is so absurd that I struggle to understand where they’re coming from. Yet this is a very common argument.

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