Norwegian Skepchicks!

I’ve been quite busy lately with the launch of the Norwegian Skepchick blog, the latest addition to the now long list of blogs in the Skepchick Network. I am the administrator of the Norwegian blog, and will probably post on the main blog too from time to time. The downside to this is that I write in Norwegian for the Norwegian blog, and in English for this one and for the main Skepchick blog. It is a lot of work translating posts back and forth. Mainly because the languages flow differently, and you pretty much have to re-write them to make them sound good in both languages. I’ll do it from time to time though.

In any case, here is my opening post for the Norwegian blog:

and my introduction post on the main blog:

Today I also posted my first proper blogpost on the new site, and it’s about being a skeptic:

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