Worth Reading: Pope Special

As most people probably have heard by now, the pope has resigned.

As BBC reports:

It is extremely rare for a Pope to resign. In the Middle Ages, Pope Celestine V resigned in 1294, after only five months as pontiff. He died nearly two years later as a hermit. The last pope to resign was Pope Gregory XII in 1415.

Well, ok. Good riddance. He’s been quite busy spewing hate and bigotry anyway, so whatever comes next, can’t be much worse. Long live the patriarchy of sexually dysfunctional old men, dressed like it’s 1399!

Here’s a few comments from my RSS feed.

Comment: Good riddance to the bigoted Pope Benedict XVI – Balaji Ravichandran / Pink News writes:

Even the most neutral of observers would have to agree that his popedom has been a PR disaster for the Catholic Church. He restored the Tridentine Mass, so that “Jews may be delivered from their darkness,” and lifted the excommunication of at least one bishop who is a Holocaust denier. He came close to celebrating the colonial invasion of South America under the rubric of Christian faith, and described Muhammad’s teachings as purely “evil and inhuman,” as if his own were any better.

This is the man who has endangered millions of lives in Africa by suggesting that, far from managing the HIV/AIDS crisis there, condom use actually increases the rate of infection. Every year, especially over Christmas, he has used his public sermons to condemn homosexuality, gay rights, and equal marriage. Homosexuality, apparently was “an intrinsic moral evil,” “an objective disorder,” and it was not “unjust” to discriminate against gay people.

Transgender people were also an aberration in his eyes, and he has muddled postmodern preoccupation with gender, which is often problematic, with gender malalignment, which blights the lives of millions around the world. And we have to mourn his resignation?

More: Peter Tatchell: A Pope who opposed human rights – Peter Tatchell / Pink News

GLAAD blog speculates on what this will mean for LGBT people, while Laurie Penny wants his job:

Pope PennyI understand that the job of God’s Representative on Earth is likely to be a challenging and demanding one. It requires careful wardrobe management, judicious hand-waving, showmanship and the ability to spend a lot of time smiling politely around some very strange people without getting cramp in your facial muscles. As a queer woman of Jewish descent I might not be the obvious choice to spread the Lord’s message to millions of Catholics worldwide, but just give me a chance and I’m sure I can transubstantiate with the best of them.

I don’t think they’ll go for it, but you never know!

Others, like PZ Myers couldn’t really care less what his popeness does. He responded by posting this video by Tim Minchin:

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