Worth Reading – Part X

It has been a while since I did one of these, so about time for another!

Trans Issues

The media is full of transphobia. The recent transphobic writings by UK writer Julie Burchill started yet another shitstorm. The media does not take these issues seriously at all and fucking it up is pretty much the rule. Here’s an example of the consequences of the irresponsibility of the media:

It doesn’t help, either, when complaints aren’t taken seriously:

As for the original shitstorm from January, here’s a summary:

Trigger warnings all over the place …


Many may have heard about the conviction of two teenage boys for the rape of a teenage girl at a party last summer. You may also have noticed how the focus of the media have been on the two “promising young boys” tragically convicted of rape. No one seems to give the girl much thought in all this. The boys were such promising football players!

Also, the anti-choice kooks in the US are getting oppressive laws passed:


A great article on women in movies:


I also want to point out my own post on Skepchick about yet another person, this time someone who should know better, making all sorts of bullshit claims about the Higgs boson.



One common theme of this Worth Reading is: Fuck the media.

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  1. While the girl was guilty of underage drinking, her two violators were as well, but Steubenville adults want to condemn the girl. While the girl’s only crime was underage drinking, a misdemeanor, and please don’t think that I minimize that, because it is a big deal that I’ll tackle at another time, the boys, those “promising young men,” committed the same misdemeanor, and a felony as well… They raped her, but the adults in Steubenville choose to condemn the girl’s actions. Is this their idea of justice? Does anybody really care?

  2. Pott was a sophomore in high school, a musician and soccer player who loved horses. She killed herself on September 10, 2012 — eight days after she was allegedly sexually assaulted after passing out at party. “Based on what we know, she was unconscious, there were multiple boys in the room with her,” the Pott family attorney, Robert Allard, told NBC’s Bay Area affiliate Thursday . “They did unimaginable things to her while she was unconscious.” At least one of the boys — two of the suspects were classmates in Saratoga High School, near Santa Clara and San Joe, and a third was a student down the road in Gilroy — also took at least one “viral” photo of the girl naked and being assaulted, the lawyer said.

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