Enough is Enough

I feel sorry for my friends who work for Center for Inquiry (CFI), and when I say I will not support CFI it is not because of them. It is not their fault the leadership of CFI are cowards that refuse to take a stand against the sexist bullshit going on in the skeptics movement. Their CEO now catering to the stalkers, haters and abusers of the community.

In addition I will not support James Randi’s organisation JREF, nor will I support Richard Dawkins (also here) and his organisation RDF, nor Michael Shermer. You have all become irrelevant and have proven to be actively working against all I stand for.

I have come to this decision long before I read Rebecca’s post, but I completely agree with her decision and recommendations, and it is what prompted this statement.



Ron Lindsay has published an apology on the Centre for Inquiry’s website. Thanks for that. Hopefully this will put this incident to rest and we can all move on.

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  1. When confronted with his inability to produce examples of the claims he made—not just about privilege, but also his strange claim to know of “feminists” who believe there are no true disagreements amongst feminists—he responded with a bizarre attack on one of the speakers, Rebecca Watson , where he played the “white men are victims” card, ignored the substance of the complaints against him, and, despite his stated concerns about the tone that feminists use when arguing with our detractors, used intemperate, nasty, hostile language towards Watson, even though the post she wrote he was responding to was a model of restraint and had no personal attacks in it. It appears the rules about politeness that he recommends that feminists follow do not apply to himself.

  2. Pisk A. Dausen says:

    The Internet sure is tiny… Found this blog via your Disqus profile, and just wanted to drop you a note to say that I admired your efforts to keep the discussion on pronouns on track over at AP. And then I find that we have more in common (and I’m not just referring to the DS9 reference in your Disqus login). :)

    Not being American myself, there’s not much for me to do but boggle when a much needed organization like the CFI fails so thoroughly at supporting its own. Many non-religious are trying to build a welcoming community so they have something to offer those who fall away from their old religious communities. But tolerance for intolerance is not helping that goal.

    I hope it’s not too late for CFI, though. They have done good things and will hopefully continue to do so, and rebuild people’s trust in them through action.

  3. Veronica says:

    Hi :)

    Yes, it’s a hard battle with ignorance over there. But to be honest, the main problem is that these issues are never taught and rarely talked about. No wonder people are ignorant of them.

    CFI may or may not be a good organisation to support in the future. For now I’m fine with the apology issued, and I know a lot of great people working for CFI, so I’m definitely giving them a chance.

    Also, DS9!

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