Photo by Amy Davies Roth, march 2014.

Photo by Amy Davies Roth, March 2014.

I love writing, and I write about most topics that interest me. Purple Noize is my personal blog in English. I also have a blog in Norwegian called Hverdagsstøy.

For the most part my blog is about topics related to LGBT or to science. These are the subjects I work with on a daily basis. I also do occational freelance writing for other media, and I have made a list of selected pieces on my portfolio page.

I am a PhD candidate in high energy physics at the University of Oslo, Norway. However,  I currently live in France, near the Swiss border by Geneva, where I’m participating in a physics experiment at CERN.

I have been very active in the LGBT community in the past. Especially in the Norwegian LGBT organisation FRI (formerly LLH) where I was a board member between 2014 and 2016. I was also the vice president for LLH Oslo og Akershus, who hosts Oslo Pride every year. I’ve also been active in politics, both in student politics and in the Norwegian Socialist Party. I am also the editor of the blog skepchick.no, which is a daughter site of skepchick.org.

I am currently also working on a book on the topic of gender diversity. The book will be in Norwegian. However, at the moment most of my time and energy is devoted to finishing my Ph.D. Both my book project and my blogging is on hold until my thesis is finished.

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