Photo by Amy Davies Roth, march 2014.

Photo by Amy Davies Roth, March 2014.

I love writing, and I write about most topics that interest me. Purple Noize is my personal blog in English. I alsi have one in Norwegian called Hverdagsstøy.

For the most part my blog is about topics related to LGBT and related to science. These are the subjects I work with on a daily basis. I also do freelance writing for other media, and I have made a list of selected pieces on my portfolio page.

I am a PhD candidate in high energy physics at the University of Oslo, Norway, and I’m active in the LGBT organisation LLH where I am a board member, and the vice president for LLH Oslo og Akershus. I’m also active in politics in the Socialist Party, and the editor of the blog skepchick.no, which is a daughter site of skepchick.org.

In addition to all this, I am currently also working on a book on the topic of gender diversity. The book will be in Norwegian. At the moment most of my writing time goes into this book project, and blogging has a lower priority.

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