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The Child Who Simply Knew
December 12, 2011 • no comments • 268 views

An article at The Boston Globe caught my attention today. It is titled “Led by the child who simply knew” and is about a child, one of two identical-twin boys, who knew she was a girl from very early age. It is also a story about some amazing parents who do what they can for […]

Them Godless Bitches!
December 9, 2011 • no comments • 362 views
Freethought, LGBT

An online friend of mine, Natalie, appeared on a podcast called Godless Bitches a couple of days ago. It is an interesting chat, about transgender issues mostly. Beth, Tracie and Jen are joined by Skepchick Natalie to discuss transgender issues from a general perspective as well as from the atheist and skeptic point of view. […]

LGBT Engineers
November 9, 2011 • no comments • 286 views

A link to this great article from the American Society for Engineering Education was posted on Twitter just now by Andrea James (@jokestress). The article is titled: Secrets Are Out — Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender engineers are no longer willing to hide their true selves. It tells the story of professor emerita Lynn Conway […]