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Worth Reading: Pope Special
February 12, 2013 • no comments • 539 views
Worth Reading

As most people probably have heard by now, the pope has resigned. As BBC reports: It is extremely rare for a Pope to resign. In the Middle Ages, Pope Celestine V resigned in 1294, after only five months as pontiff. He died nearly two years later as a hermit. The last pope to resign was […]

Welcome to the Theocracy
May 11, 2012 • no comments • 507 views
Feminism, Freethought

So, I do try to respect people’s right to their personal beliefs. The key word here being personal. In turn, I do not want some group’s collective beliefs imposed on the rest of us. That is, them not respecting my personal beliefs in return. Unfortunately too many religious organisations are to dense to understand this […]

Easter Message: “Pro Life”
April 7, 2012 • no comments • 426 views

The fundamentalist’s crusade against Planned Parenthood and what they so ironically call “pro life” has been appearing a lot in my news feed lately. Last Sunday some of the more extremist of these people even bombed a clinic in Wisconsin, USA. It isn’t the first time. Of course, they are not all crazy lunatics. Some […]

Worth Reading – Part IV
February 24, 2012 • no comments • 550 views
Worth Reading

So, time for more highlights from my RSS reader! Media Kate Moennig who played Shane in the TV series The L Word, is back on the screen in a new TV show on Showtime. Yay! She was awesome in The L Word. L Word’s Kate Moennig Joins Cast of Showtime’s Ray Donovan Pilot – Diva […]

Worth Reading – Part III
January 30, 2012 • no comments • 403 views
Worth Reading

Time for another list of interesting articles and posts from my RSS feed. Since I’ve been busy for well over a week, I have nearly 700 entries to go through in my reader! Here’s a few number of highlights: Atheism Several flower shops refused to deliver flowers to Jessica Ahlquistwho recently won a lawsuit against […]

The Pope on Gay Marriage
January 11, 2012 • one comment • 361 views

The Pope is naturally an expert on gay marriage. I mean he lives with a whole lot of men you know. Apparently he’s not paying attention though. His significant experience with sex and family life makes him well qualified to make insightful comments like: The family, based on the marriage of a man and a […]

Evangelicals Hunting “Witches” in Africa
December 30, 2011 • one comment • 357 views

Nigerian skeptic Leo Igwe has written a post about the ongoing witch hunts in Africa over at titled “Evangelical Churches and the Epidemic of Witchcraft Accusations”. He writes: Witchcraft accusation of children (and also of elderly people) is ravaging the African continent like an epidemic. And Pentecostal pastors and ubiquitous men and women of […]