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MRA: A War on Women?
March 10, 2012 • one comment • 915 views

I sometimes write about feminism, but I rarely write about the anti-feminists. I do follow the blog Man Boobz though, and yesterday I found a link to an interesting article from Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a civil rights organisation dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry, titled “Leader’s Suicide Brings Attention to Men’s Rights Movement”. The […]

Evangelicals Hunting “Witches” in Africa
December 30, 2011 • one comment • 357 views

Nigerian skeptic Leo Igwe has written a post about the ongoing witch hunts in Africa over at titled “Evangelical Churches and the Epidemic of Witchcraft Accusations”. He writes: Witchcraft accusation of children (and also of elderly people) is ravaging the African continent like an epidemic. And Pentecostal pastors and ubiquitous men and women of […]