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Video: The Intersection of Non-theism and Feminism
June 7, 2012 • 2 comments • 384 views
Feminism, Freethought

Posted by @center4inquiry on Twitter today. Moderator: Annie Laurie Gaylor Speakers: Sikivu Hutchinson, Rebecca Watson, Ophelia Benson, and Jennifer McCreight Filmed at the Center for Inquiry’s 2012 Women in Secularism Conference. Copyright 2012 Center for Inquiry Video produced by Adam Isaak with assistance from Bill Goodwin.

Video: Teen Feminist
June 6, 2012 • no comments • 284 views

I like to repost great things from great people. This time it’s a TED talk by a teenage feminist and editor called Tavi Gevinson. Here’s the description going with this video: Fifteen-year-old Tavi Gevinson had a hard time finding strong female, teenage role models — so she built a space where they could find each other. […]

The Pay Gap is Not History … Yet
June 5, 2012 • no comments • 308 views

It’s the year 2012, and women are still treated as second rate employees. The US statistics on the pay gap is out. A woman earns, on average, 77% of what a man earns. If she happens to be African-American, she only earns 61%, Latina women are even worse off: 53%. We’ve been given the impression […]

RadFem 2012 – Fighting Bigotry Works
June 2, 2012 • no comments • 318 views
Feminism, LGBT

Some of you may have noticed the news and blogposts that have been popping up about the RadFem 2012 conference in London. I have avoided posting about it before because there were plenty who did, and I don’t like to give outspoken bigotry too much attention. However I am writing about it now because some […]

Worth Reading – Part VI
June 2, 2012 • no comments • 534 views
Worth Reading

Feminism A sexist airline passenger is kicked of the plane. Imagine you’re a certified commercial pilot, and you’re among the 6.6 percent of them who happen to be women. You’ve passed all the same training as your male colleagues and proven that you can fly a plane just as well. One day, as you prepare […]

Even More Tangled
May 21, 2012 • no comments • 384 views

The Disney movie Tangled that I reviewed a while back is apparently not well liked by the Christian fundies. (What do they like?) A few days ago the blog Love, Joy, Feminism posted a list of four blogposts; two from that crowd, and two replies. Since it was just a short list of links, I’ll repost […]

Easter Message: “Pro Life”
April 7, 2012 • no comments • 404 views

The fundamentalist’s crusade against Planned Parenthood and what they so ironically call “pro life” has been appearing a lot in my news feed lately. Last Sunday some of the more extremist of these people even bombed a clinic in Wisconsin, USA. It isn’t the first time. Of course, they are not all crazy lunatics. Some […]