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Worth Reading – Part I
December 30, 2011 • 2 comments • 525 views
Worth Reading

First, two excellent posts by Laurie Penny: Santa Claus – domestic terrorist? What “panda-gate” tells us about sexism Also, there has been a bit of a shitstorm over a picture posted on reddit with a 15 year old girl who got a book by Carl Sagan for Christmas. Rebecca Watson wrote about it: Reddit Makes Me […]

Them Godless Bitches!
December 9, 2011 • no comments • 345 views
Freethought, LGBT

An online friend of mine, Natalie, appeared on a podcast called Godless Bitches a couple of days ago. It is an interesting chat, about transgender issues mostly. Beth, Tracie and Jen are joined by Skepchick Natalie to discuss transgender issues from a general perspective as well as from the atheist and skeptic point of view. […]

#MenCallMeThings Round-up
November 14, 2011 • 2 comments • 664 views
Feminism, Sexism

For a little while now the hashtag #mencallmethings has been very busy on Twitter. The hashtag was started by blogger Sady Doyle last Monday. This hashtag has spawned a number of articles and blogposts. I have gone through the tweets and collected the most relevant links. Yes, it did take me several hours! Here they […]

Misogynist Trolling
November 6, 2011 • no comments • 294 views
Feminism, Sexism

Every time the issue of feminism comes up in a blog post somewhere online, a number of misogynist trolls will soon show up. You could probably bet good money on their swift appearance—crawling out from whatever cave it is they live in. You also get the regular misogyny-apologist who usually is someone who simply don’t […]

Women in the Workplace
October 28, 2011 • no comments • 278 views
Sex & Gender

Over on Skepchick a link was posted yesterday to a post on The Clayman Institute for Gender Research website at Stanford University. It is titled Breaking down barriers for women in the workplace, and provides an interesting insight into the situation for women in the workplace from a perspective of men who have made a […]