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Video: LGBT Rights With a Twist
October 21, 2012 • one comment • 594 views
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This is an interesting video with an interesting twist. It’s by one of the few good Christian preachers I suppose. At least he’s a one of the good guys on this issue. But I think it also goes to show how conservatives have always been holding back progress in every area of society, including human rights.

Worth Reading – Part IX
September 30, 2012 • no comments • 796 views
Worth Reading

I’m going to try making these on a monthly basis. So here’s the September highlights from my RSS feeds and Twitter. Secularism and Sexism Jen McCreight who took a stand against the harassment that’s going on in the secularism movement has gotten so much hateful feedback for her initiative that she no longer have the […]

Video: Thank You Hater!
June 8, 2012 • no comments • 372 views

Yet another video post. This one is a must have for anyone who gets hate for expressing themselves on the internet. Especially if you’re on the receiving end of misogyny. How to respond to hate-trolls: Thanks to @JillFilipovic for the link!

Backstage Azerbaijan
May 27, 2012 • no comments • 351 views

Now that this year’s Eurovision Song Contest is over with its weird music and political voting (grats to Sweden by the way) it is time to bring the attention back to the situation in Azerbaijan. PinkNews has a feature article today titled “The truth about gay life in Azerbaijan outside of the Eurovision Song Contest”. Azeris […]

A Chat with Takei
March 10, 2012 • no comments • 449 views

George Takei, to us nerds known from Star Trek as playing Hikaru Sulu in the original series from the late 60s, has a word or two to say to the homophobic and transphobic Tennessee lawmakers. Enjoy, and have a Takei ol’ day! Tennessee Lawmakers: We Need To Chat from Allegiance – A New Musical on Vimeo.

Belonging Nowhere?
March 5, 2012 • no comments • 797 views
Feminism, Freethought, LGBT

All communities have their problems and their conflicts. Sometimes belonging to several communities that don’t always overlap can be a bit of a problem. Natalie Reed experienced this recently when she wanted to write a post titled “God Does Not Love Trans People” addressing the sentiment that god loves everyone and thus religious people who […]