The Real Cookie Monsters
January 12, 2012 • one comment • 331 views

It saddens me greatly whenever I see young people publicly promote bigotry and hatred. My hope for the future lies with a new generation of open-minded and educated people. Unfortunately groups like Honest Girl Scouts do their best to indoctrinate the next generation with hatred towards people who they deem “different” – people who already […]

The Pope on Gay Marriage
January 11, 2012 • one comment • 361 views

The Pope is naturally an expert on gay marriage. I mean he lives with a whole lot of men you know. Apparently he’s not paying attention though. His significant experience with sex and family life makes him well qualified to make insightful comments like: The family, based on the marriage of a man and a […]

LGBT Engineers
November 9, 2011 • no comments • 286 views

A link to this great article from the American Society for Engineering Education was posted on Twitter just now by Andrea James (@jokestress). The article is titled: Secrets Are Out — Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender engineers are no longer willing to hide their true selves. It tells the story of professor emerita Lynn Conway […]