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Worth Reading – Part X
March 24, 2013 • 2 comments • 641 views
Worth Reading

It has been a while since I did one of these, so about time for another! Trans Issues The media is full of transphobia. The recent transphobic writings by UK writer Julie Burchill started yet another shitstorm. The media does not take these issues seriously at all and fucking it up is pretty much the rule. […]

Worth Reading – Part VII
July 11, 2012 • no comments • 642 views
Worth Reading

Violence Against Women Dana Bolger, a feminist and student activist is a college rape surviver and tells her story, reposted here: Surviving Rape: What I Want Other College Students to Know About Title IX – Fem2.0 In Sweden it apparently isn’t rape if the victim doesn’t have a vagina. Sweden: Cis man cleared of rape charges because […]

Film: Apollo 18 (2011)
December 4, 2011 • no comments • 268 views

“You’ve done a great service for your country son, and for mankind … mankind … ankind …” Apollo 18 is an unusual movie. I like unusual movies. According to IMDB it’s a Horror / SciFi / Thriller. I’d drop the “Horror” bit, but otherwise I’d agree. Or maybe I have seen too many horror films […]