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Pink, cermaic necklace with the transgender symbol.
Why Do Trans Women Transition in a Sexist Society?
July 22, 2014 • 16 comments • 9 018 views
Sex & Gender

The facebook page “Lesbians and Feminists Against Transphobia” posted an email they received on their page. It was an email from a feminist cis woman asking about trans women. I’ll try to split up the email and respond to each part of it. The email is quoted with the permission of the author.

«This is probably a really stupid question to y’all, but to me trans issues are kinda complicated and I don’t really understand, I’m trying to learn not trying to offend, I apologize if I do. But could you explain, in simple non academic language if possible, …»

Video: LGBT Rights With a Twist
October 21, 2012 • one comment • 574 views
LGBT, Media

This is an interesting video with an interesting twist. It’s by one of the few good Christian preachers I suppose. At least he’s a one of the good guys on this issue. But I think it also goes to show how conservatives have always been holding back progress in every area of society, including human rights.

Transgender Children?
July 16, 2012 • 2 comments • 935 views

In good tabloid tradition, The Sun posted an article today titled: “We let our daughter become a boy at the age of four – Story that will shock every parent”. The last bit being a bit of an exaggeration don’t you think? Well, tabloid … anyway. A MUM and dad told last night of their […]

It’s a Big World …
July 13, 2012 • no comments • 336 views

Someone shared a link on twitter to a BBC site where you can calculate your BMI. That in itself is not that interesting. It is pretty easy to do yourself. But the interesting bit is that it takes the result and compares it to your country average in your age/gender group. It also compares it […]

Stereotype Threats and Women in Science
June 24, 2012 • one comment • 633 views
Feminism, Sex & Gender

When I recently watched the video recording of the panel debate from the Women in Secularism conference (which I posted here), a comment Rebecca Watson made about how gender stereotyping affects performance in mathematics and science caught my interest. She referred to a study mentioned in the book Delusions of Gender. I got the reference […]

The Pay Gap is Not History … Yet
June 5, 2012 • no comments • 308 views

It’s the year 2012, and women are still treated as second rate employees. The US statistics on the pay gap is out. A woman earns, on average, 77% of what a man earns. If she happens to be African-American, she only earns 61%, Latina women are even worse off: 53%. We’ve been given the impression […]

Even More Tangled
May 21, 2012 • no comments • 385 views

The Disney movie Tangled that I reviewed a while back is apparently not well liked by the Christian fundies. (What do they like?) A few days ago the blog Love, Joy, Feminism posted a list of four blogposts; two from that crowd, and two replies. Since it was just a short list of links, I’ll repost […]